7.2 Configuring the Package Manager

Package Manager acts as a repository that contains the latest packages, which can be installed on the required host. By configuring the Package Manager, you define the location from where the Package Manager must download the latest packages.

You can download packages to a Package Manager in the following ways:

  • Manually download packages from the Downloads Website. To publish the downloaded packages, see Publishing Packages from the Downloads Website.

  • Download packages directly from the Novell Update Server (Recommended).

    The Novell Update Sever contains all the packages of the last two major PAM releases and also the maintenance release (hot fix and service pack) packages of the second last release. For example, if the latest release of PAM is 3.2, the Novell Update Server contains the packages of the releases, such as,,,,, and so forth. You can differentiate the packages with the help of version numbering.

  • Download packages from another PAM server, which contains the latest packages, that were downloaded using one of the two methods mentioned above.

To configure a Package Manager to download packages from Novell Update Server or another PAM server:

  1. Click Package Manager on the home page of the console.

  2. Click Settings in the task pane.

  3. (Conditional) To use the Novell Update server:

    1. Select Novell Update Server.

    2. Specify the User Name and Password (These are the Mirrored Credentials obtained from the Novell Customer Center account for Privileged Account Manager).

    3. To view the update server information, select Advanced Settings.

      • Select the Packages checkbox, the following URL is configured:


  4. (Conditional) To use another PAM server:

    1. Select Local Package Manager.

    2. Fill in the following fields:

      Host name: Specify the DNS name of the host.

      Port: Specify the communication port. The default is 29120.

      The Local Package Manager is a Framework host that has been configured to store the packages.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Continue with Publishing Packages from Novell Update Server or another PAM Server.

    NOTE:By default, Package Manager connects to Novell Update Server for updates.