5.0 Policy Templates

Privileged Account manager includes templates to import policies in the Command Control console. These templates help in better accessibility and better understanding of the policies. You can customize the policy with minimal changes and start using the policies without any hassle. You can import sample policies by using the Import Sample Policy template in the Getting Started page and add individual policies by using the Add Policy Template in the Command Control console. The sample template includes some of the commonly used policies, which an administrator can modify as per the requirement. For more information about Sample template, refer Understanding Sample Policy template. You can add additional sample policy after importing the sample policy template. If you already have policies created and do not want those policies to be overwritten by importing the sample policies, then you can add the additional policy individually from Add Policy Template. The additional sample policy creates a specific policy based on your requirement and it can be added to the existing hierarchy of policies. For more information about adding a sample policy, refer Adding a Policy Template.

NOTE:You can create a backup for the transaction settings by using the Backup and Restore option in the Command Control console. Before importing the policy template you can start the transaction so that if you require reverting back to the earlier Command Control settings you can cancel the transaction and if you require the changes after the import, you can commit the transaction.