7.4 Troubleshooting Workload Replication

Problems or Messages


Recoverable error during replication either during Scheduling Taking Snapshot of Virtual Machine or Scheduling Reverting Virtual Machine to Snapshot before Starting.

This problem occurs when the server is under load and the process is taking longer than expected.

Wait until the replication is complete.

Workload issue requires user intervention

Several types of issues might cause this message. In most cases the message should contain further specifics about the nature of the problem and the problem area (such as connectivity, credentials, . After troubleshooting, wait for a few minutes.

If the message persists, contact PlateSpin Support.

All workloads go into recoverable errors because you are out of disk space.

Verify the free space. If more space is required, remove a workload.

Slow network speeds under 1 MB.

Confirm that the source machine’s network interface card’s duplex setting is on and the switch it is connected to has a matching setting. That is, if the switch is set to auto, the source can’t be set to 100 MB.

Slow network speeds over 1 MB.

Measure the latency by running the following command from the source workload:

ping ip–t (replace ip with the IP address of your PlateSpin Server host).

Allow it to run for 50 iterations and the average indicates the latency.

Also see Optimizing Data Transfer over WAN Connections.

The file transfer cannot begin - port 3725 is already in use


3725 unable to connect

Ensure that the port is open and listening:

Run netstat -ano on the workload.

Check the firewall.

Retry the replication.

Controller connection not established

Replication fails at the Take Control of Virtual Machine step.

This error occurs when the replication networking information is invalid. Either the DHCP server is not available or the replication virtual network is not routable to the PlateSpin Server host.

Change the replication IP to a static IP or enable the DHCP server.

Ensure that the virtual network selected for replication is routable to the PlateSpin Server host.

Replication job does not start (stuck at 0%)

This error can occur for different reasons and each has a unique solution:

  • For environments using a local proxy with authentication, bypass the proxy or add proper permissions to resolve this problem. See KB Article 20339 for more details.

  • If local or domain policies restrict required permissions, follow the steps outlined in KB Article 7920862.

This is a common issue when PlateSpin Server host is affiliated with a domain and the domain policies are applied with restrictions. See Group Policy and User Rights.