5.2 Adding Workloads for Protection

A workload, the basic object of protection in a data store, is an operating system, along with its middleware and data, decoupled from the underlying physical or virtual infrastructure.

To protect a workload, you must have a workload and a container inventoried by (or added to) the PlateSpin Server.

To add a workload:

  1. Follow the required preparatory steps.

    See Step 1 in Basic Workflow for Workload Protection and Recovery.

  2. On the Dashboard or Workloads page, click Add Workload.

    The PlateSpin Forge Web Interface displays the Add Workload page.

  3. Specify the required workload details:

    • Workload Settings: Specify your workload’s hostname or IP address, the operating system, administrator-level credentials.

      Use the required credential format. See Guidelines for Workload Credentials.

      To make sure that PlateSpin Forge can access the workload, click Test Credentials.

  4. Click Add Workload.

    PlateSpin Forge reloads the Workloads page and displays a process indicator for the workload being added . Wait for the process to complete. Upon completion, a Workload Added event is shown on the Dashboard, and the new workload becomes available on the Workloads page.

If you haven’t added a container yet, add one to prepare for protecting the workload, otherwise, skip to Configuring Protection Details and Preparing the Replication