21.11 Bulk Status Change for Multiple Proposed Workloads

You can use the Bulk Status Change option on the Workloads tab to modify the state value for proposed workloads for multiple workloads at a time. Use the Filter and Advanced Search options to locate and select the workloads of interest. See Status and Retry.

The Bulk Status Change dialog indicates the number of workloads selected and the number of projects you will affect with the Bulk Status Change. The change applies only to the selected items for which the next phase selected is a valid state change.

To change the status of one or more workloads:

  1. In the Web Interface, select Planning in the toolbar, then select the Workloads tab.

  2. Select one or more workloads that you want to set to the same state.

  3. Click Bulk Status Change.

  4. Do one of the following actions for the selected workloads:

    • If the Submit option is available, one or more of the selected workloads is eligible to move to a phase of readiness for transformation. Click Submit to change the workload status to Ready for Transformation.

    • Specify the Next Phase you want to set for selected workloads, then click Apply.