21.7 Editing the Workload Transformation

The initial workload import creates an original workload and a proposed workload. You use the Workload dialog for the workload to set the appropriate configuration for the transformation and proposed workload.

Users Who Can Perform These Tasks: System Administrator, Project Manager, Project Architect

For information about the various parameters for the workload, see Section 21.1, About the Workload Dialog.

To configure the transformation and proposed workload for a single workload:

  1. In the Web Interface, select Planning in the toolbar, then select the Workloads tab.

  2. Use the Filter and Advanced Search options to locate the workload of interest.

  3. (Optional) Mouse over a workload Name to view a summary of its original workload and proposed workload configurations.

  4. Double-click the workload you want to modify to open its Workload dialog. You can alternatively select the workload, and then click Edit.

  5. Modify the workload information on the Workload dialog as appropriate:

    • Status

    • License

    • Transformation Plan

    • Migration Settings

    • Workload

    • Location

    • Network Interfaces

    • Testing Network Interfaces

    • Storage

    • Applications

    • Custom Fields

    • Transformation History

    As you work in the various panels in the Workload dialog, you can double-click in the header to refresh the dialog page.

  6. Use the following to save your changes for now, to submit the workload as ready for execution, or to return to a submitted workload to make changes:

    • Select Mark In Progress to keep the workload available for additional changes. This allows errors to exist until you return to make additional modifications.

    • When you have resolved all errors and provided the appropriate transformation details, click Submit to indicate that the workload is ready for transformation.

      NOTE:In Automated Mode, you cannot submit a workload transformation that has not been successfully discovered.