2.4 Upgrading PlateSpin Migrate Connector from 1.1 to 1.1.1

Use the instructions in this section to apply the upgrade for Migrate Connector. Before you begin the upgrade, perform the tasks in Section 2.2, Before You Install or Upgrade to PlateSpin Migrate Connector 1.1.1.

NOTE:If you have deployed additional instances of Migrate Connector, ensure that you upgrade the PTM Server and Connector instance on the PTM Appliance, and then apply the upgrade to the remote Connector instances.

2.4.1 Upgrading Migrate Connector on the PTM Appliance

If you have a Full License to PlateSpin Transformation Manager 1.1, you can access the PlateSpin Migrate Connector 1.1.1 download files in the Online Update Channel system for PlateSpin Transformation Manager to upgrade the Connector instance on the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance.

NOTE:You can update both PlateSpin Transformation Manager and PlateSpin Migrate Connector in the same procedure. See Upgrading PlateSpin Transformation Manager Using Files from Online Update Channel and Zypper Commands in the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance Guide.

To update the Appliance instance of Migrate Connector:

  1. Log in to the Appliance as the root user, and launch a terminal console.

  2. Provide the registration information for PlateSpin Transformation Manager Online Update Channel. Enter

    suse_register -a email=<email address> -a regcode-pstm=<ptm license code>

    For the email address, specify the email address associated with your Customer Center credentials that you use to get the Full License.

    For the PTM license code, provide the code for the Full License that you used to activate your PTM Server.

  3. To verify that the upgrade file is available, enter

    zypper lu

    You should see the file:

    • platespin-migrate-connector-1.1.1-xxx.x.x86_64.rpm
  4. Apply the updates. Enter

    zypper up platespin-migrate-connector

    When you are prompted to confirm the update, enter y.

2.4.2 Upgrading Migrate Connector on a Connector Host

Complete the following steps to update a standalone instance of PlateSpin Migrate Connector on a Migrate Connector host. These instructions assume that the PTM Public Key file was previously installed on the keyring before you first installed the instance of Migrate Connector on the server.

To update a remote instance of the Migrate Connector:

  1. Download the PlateSpin Migrate Connector RPM file.

    See Section 2.2.2, Downloading PlateSpin Migrate Connector 1.1.1.

  2. Ensure that you have updated the PlateSpin Transformation Manager software first. See Upgrading PlateSpin Transformation Manager from 1.1 to 1.1.1 in the PlateSpin Transformation Manager Appliance Guide.

  3. Log in to the Migrate Connector host as the root user.

  4. Import the PTM Public Key to your keyring.

    Launch a terminal, then enter one of the following commands as the root user:

    gpg --import <ptm-public-key-filename>


    rpm --import <ptm-public-key-filename>

  5. Copy the platespin-migrate-connector-1.1.1-xxx.x.x86_64.rpm file to a location on the server.

  6. Launch a terminal console, then navigate to the location where you copied the platespin-migrate-connector-1.1.1-xxx.x.x86_64.rpm file.

  7. Apply the new PlateSpin Migrate Connector file. In a console, enter

    rpm -Uvh platespin-migrate-connector-1.1.1-xxx.x.x86_64.rpm

    Replace xxx.x with the actual build numbers.