C.0 Synchronizing Serial Numbers on Cluster Node Local Storage

This section details the procedure you can use to change local volume serial numbers to match each node of the Windows cluster that you want to protect. The information includes the use of the Volume Manager utility (VolumeManager.exe) to synchronize serial numbers on cluster node local storage.

To download and run the utility:

  1. Download the VolumeManager.exe file from the PlateSpin Protect download page:

    1. Go to Micro Focus Downloads.

    2. Select PlateSpin Protect from the Browse by Product list, or type the product name in the Browse by Product field to find the product and then select it.

    3. If a list of releases is available, select PlateSpin Protect 11.3.0.

    4. On the Download overview page, click proceed to download, then log in with your customer account credentials.

    5. Click accept to acknowledge and agree to the U.S. Export Laws and Regulations.

    6. On the Download page, click download next to the VolumeManager.exe file, then save the file.

  2. Copy the downloaded file to an accessible location on each cluster node.

  3. On the active node of the cluster, open an administrative command prompt, navigate to the location of the downloaded utility, and run the following command:

    VolumeManager.exe -l

    A listing of the local volumes and their respective serial numbers is displayed. For example:

    Volume Listing:
    DriveLetter (*:) VolumeId="System Reserved" SerialNumber: AABB-CCDD
    DriveLetter (C:) VolumeId=C:\ SerialNumber: 1122-3344

    Make note of these serial numbers or keep them displayed for later comparison.

  4. Verify that all local storage serial numbers of the active node match the local storage serial numbers on each of the other nodes in the cluster.

    1. On each cluster node, run the VolumeManager.exe -l command to obtain its volume serial numbers.

    2. Compare the local storage serial numbers of the active node (Step 3) against the local storage serial numbers of the node (Step 4.a).

    3. (Conditional) If there are any differences in the serial numbers between the active node and this node, take note of the serial number you want to propagate on this node and run the following command to set, and then to verify the serial number:

      VolumeManager -s <VolumeId> <serial-number>

      Following are two examples of how this command could be used:

      • VolumeManager -s "System Reserved" AAAA-AAAA

      • VolumeManager -s C:\ 1111-1111

    4. When you have successfully changed all of the volume serial numbers on a node of the cluster, you need to restart that node.

    5. Repeat Step 4.a through Step 4.d for each node of the cluster.

  5. (Conditional) If the cluster has already been protected in a PlateSpin environment, we recommend running a full replication on the active node to ensure that any changes are propagated to the database.