16.7 Networking

PlateSpin Protect enables you to control your failover workload’s network identity and LAN settings to prevent replication traffic from interfering with your main LAN or WAN traffic.

You can specify distinct networking settings in your workload protection details for use at different stages of the workload protection and recovery workflow:

  • Replication: (Replication Settings parameter set) For separating regular replication traffic from your production traffic.

  • Failover: (Failover Settings parameter set) For the failover workload to become part of your production network when it goes live.

  • Prepare for Failover: (Prepare for Failover Settings network parameter) For network settings during the optional Prepare for Failover stage.

  • Test Failover: (Test Failover Settings parameter set) For network settings to apply to the failover workload during a Test Failover stage.