4.7 Configuring Target Service Defaults

The PlateSpin Migrate Client lets you select Windows services whose mode on the target is to be different from that of the source. See Handling the Startup Mode of Services (Windows Targets).

To configure the default services on the target:

  1. Launch the PlateSpin Migrate Client.

  2. Click Tools > Options.

  3. Click the Target Service Defaults tab.

Configure Services section: Lists services and their target startup modes. Select the Restore After Conversion check box to use the selected mode during the migration. The service is then restored to match the source after the migration is complete and the target machine is ready to run.

All Services section: Lists unique services on all discovered machines. Click Add to add a service to the upper section. Use the Mode drop-down list to select the service state for the target. This is set during the configuration step of the job.

Remove: Removes a service.

Reset: Clears the upper section. The modes of all services in the target will match those on the source.