39.2 Generating Diagnostic Reports

39.2.1 Using the Migrate Client

PlateSpin Migrate provides a tool that can produce a diagnostics report for any running or completed job.

To view a diagnostics report:

  1. In the Jobs view, right-click the required job and select Run Diagnostics.

    The diagnostics report is displayed in a browser window. This process might take a few moments.

The diagnostics report lists several statistics:

  • All the operations involved in the job. Click any operation to view its XML representation.

  • The status of each operation.

  • The controller that ran the operation. Click the controller to view its XML representation, or click Logs to view its event log.

In addition, the report contains links to:

  • The XML representations of the source machine, original target machine, and the target VM host.

  • The root operation for the job, as well as a variety of logs and reports.

You can send diagnostics reports directly to Technical Support. Follow the instructions provided on the report.

39.2.2 Using the Migrate Web Interface

In the Migrate Web Interface, after you have executed a command, you can generate detailed diagnostic reports about the command’s details.

  1. Click Command Details, then click the Generate link in the lower right of the panel.

    After a few moments, the page refreshes and displays a Download link above the Generate link.

  2. Click Download.

    A .zip file contains the comprehensive diagnostic information about the current command.

  3. Save the file, then extract the diagnostics to view them.

  4. Have the .zip file ready if you need to contact Technical Support.