H.4 PlateSpin Images

Table H-2 provides information to help you troubleshoot common problems that might occur for PlateSpin Images.

Table H-2 Common Issues and Solutions Related to PlateSpin Images

Problems or Messages


Cannot see PlateSpin Images on PlateSpin Image Server

If the Servers view is configured to group servers by machine, discovered image servers cannot be expanded. To display the images, reconfigure the Servers View so the servers are grouped by domain instead of machine.

Failed to mount image. The volume does not contain a recognized file system

This error message might appear when you are importing or deploying volume data while installing a PlateSpin Image Server on Windows Server 2003. To resolve the error, use the Windows services plug-in on the PlateSpin Image Server. Modify the logon properties for the PlateSpin Migrate Operations Management Controller service to use an account with local administrative privileges. Restart the service after making this change.

Security descriptors are not intact on deployed server when you are using volume data from a Symantec Ghost image

When you are creating a PlateSpin Image using raw volume data that was extracted from a Ghost Image, the security descriptors are not preserved on the VM. This is because the extracted files inherit permissions of their parent folder.

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