7.1 Example: Flex Alarm Ratio Bar

This Flex example uses the REST methods to fetch alarm condition counts for a given element identity. The visual component was inspired by the alarm count stacked bars from the classic Tivoli Netcool client.

The Alarm Ratio Bar can be used directly from a URL:


Table 7-1 lists the parameters that can be passed in the URL query string.

Table 7-1 URL Query String Parameters




Operations Center logon user name.


Operations Center logon password.


Text to display on alarm ratio bar.


Refresh interval in seconds (defaults to 30 seconds if not specified).


Operations Center DName in base 64 format.

The identity can be specified in x.500 format, also; however, some combinations have been known to cause an issue in Flex.

This solution assumes that the Flex application is hosted using the HTTP server that is hosting the Web 2.0 Connect service.

Flex source code for component and component implementation is detailed in the remaining sections: