10.5 Understanding Outage Overlap Issues

Because manual outages can be created at anytime and affect any range of time, it is possible that they can overlap a generated outage caused by real-time condition changes. Manual outages always take precedence over generated outages.

Occasionally, a manual outage totally contains a generated outage. One example is when the generated outage occurs within the same time as the manual outage, but the manual outage starts prior to the generated outage and ends after the generated outage — the manual outage take precedence over the generated outage. Figure 10-1 shows an example:

Figure 10-1 Manual Outage Graph

When a manual outage only partially overlaps a generated outage, Operations Center creates multiple outage entries as a result of allowing the manual outage to take precedence for the duration of the manual outage.

When generated outages partially overlap, the outage type displays as Partial. In this case, the original system generated outage displays as a historical outage entry in the Alarms view (but not in the alarm History property page).

However, when a generated outage exists within a manual outage, the generated outage appears as a historical outage entry for the manual outage with the outage type of Full overlap.