10.4 Understanding Impact on SLA Calculations and Recalculating

When Operations Center receives manual or imported alarms, it perceives them as historical alarms that should not affect the element’s real-time state. However, all outages or metric alarms do affect the real-time condition of related elements because they are perceived as new alarms for those elements.

10.4.1 Understanding Outage Calculations

Manual outages or imported historical outages or metric data affecting objectives within the current measured interval might not be applied immediately to SLA’s real-time calculations. The real-time state reported in the Operations Center console and reports in the Operations Center dashboard could be inaccurate unless a manual calculation is performed. The Operations Center dashboard’s SLA reports automatically detect new metric and/or condition data and reports correctly.

Manual outages, alarms, and metrics for future intervals are also not automatically reflected in real-time SLA calculations. To apply them to real-time state, health, and metrics, you must perform a manual calculation on SLAs after the date and time of the alarm has been reached.

Alarms not being applied to SLAs can occur because of timing issues between time to write to the BSW and when the next calculation of state occurs. If the outage data is not received by the BSW before a calculation process, it must wait for the next calculation.

Note that data in the BSW is not read except on server restart, warehouse or profile restart, or when saving an SLA definition.

Running a manual calculation of agreements runs a recalculation of agreement real-time state, health, and metrics (including metric properties), and includes all agreements and objectives applied to the element.

10.4.2 Forcing Recalculation

To force a recalculation of agreement state, health, and metrics:

  1. Right-click any element that is measured by the agreement, then select Recalculate Real-Time Agreements.

  2. Perform this operation on the same element where the manual outage was created or for which historical data was imported.

    All agreements and objectives applied to the selected element are recalculated.