1.0 Installation Requirements

The NetIQ Operations Center server and console are the main components of the Operations Center solution and should be installed before other Operations Center clients and products.

Operations Center has many components and products because it is an enterprise-level product that integrates data from many sources to provide a comprehensive view of the performance of your IT resources in terms of your businesses services. Prior to installing the Operations Center server, you should first read the Operations Center Getting Started Guide. This guide provides guidance in deciding which Operations Center products and components to install and how they can best fit into your existing environment.

If you are planning on using Operations Center in a clustered environment, there are important configuration considerations. For more information, see Section 6.0, Implementing a High Availability Solution.

Operations Center requires specific hardware and software for some components. For these requirements, see the Operations Center Getting Started Guide.

The following sections provide requirements for installing the Operations Center server software: