3.1 Native Services Methods

Native I&A uses Operations Center internal identification and authentication mechanism.

Operations Center supports the following I&A methods using native services:

  • Operations Center (internal)

  • Operations Center to Operations Center (through a remote configuration)

The native I&A stores all usernames, passwords, and associated access control list (ACL) data in a binary file on the Operations Center server. Native I&A provides the option of requiring users to specify usernames and passwords that are the same as or different from their network login credentials. Requiring new usernames and passwords can effectively tighten security on the system.

At session startup, users must provide their credentials to access the Operations Center server through either the Operations Server console or the Business Service Dashboard. The user’s credentials are encrypted, transmitted, and then compared to the credential data stored on the Operations Center server. This process is illustrated in Figure 3-1:

Figure 3-1 I&A Process

Upon successful authentication, the user is allowed access to the Operations Center environment based on the assigned levels of access defined in the Operations Center access control lists.