Operations Center for Analysis Center 3.0 Release Notes

Date Published: September 2016

This release is for Operations Center 5.7 Dashboard to support the Reporting Center portlets and view the Analysis Center reports.

1.0 What’s New?

This release provides the following enhancements:

  • Integration with Reporting Center: In this release, the Operations Center Dashboard is integrated with the Reporting Center. Because of this integration, you can now view the Analysis Center reports in the Reporting Center portlets of the Operations Center Dashboard.

    For more information, see Reporting Center Portlets in the Operations Center Dashboard Guide.

    For more information on Reporting Center, see the Reporting Center Reporting Guide.

  • New Dashboard features: In this release, the Operations Center Dashboard supports the Reporting Center portlets that includes:

    • Configuration portlet: Contains the configuration details for the Reporting Center Web Service.

    • Reporting portlet: Displays the Analysis Center reports.

2.0 System Requirements

Operations Center 5.7 is a prerequisite for this release.

3.0 Installing This Patch

The file type for this patch is .jar. If you receive the file with a different extension, rename it to .jar before installing. The procedure for installing the patch is same for UNIX and Windows.

To install the patch:

  1. Verify that all the Operations Center Dashboards are logged off.

  2. Shut down all NetIQ Dashboard server processes.

  3. Copy the patch .jar file to the NetIQ Operations Center Dashboard installation root directory. For example: C:\NetIQOperationsCenter\Dashboard.

  4. At the command prompt, navigate to the NetIQ Operations Center Dashboard installation root directory and type -jar patch_bundle_filename. For example: java -jar 5702016-09-22CR993704-R99606-DASH.jar.

  5. Start the NetIQ Operations Dashboard Server.

  6. Log in to the Operations Center Dashboard.

  7. Verify that the Reporting Center tab is visible in the Add > Application menu of the Operations Center Dashboard.

4.0 Uninstalling This Patch

After the patch is installed and a rollback file is created, the patch cannot be installed again. Part of the patch installation process is to automatically backup all the files that are overwritten and place them in a file called patch_filename-rollback.jar, for example: 5702016-09-22CR993704-R99606-DASH-rollback.jar. If you decide to remove the changes made by the patch to the NetIQ Operations Center, do the following:

  1. Run this rollback.jar file from the Dashboard installation directory for NetIQ Operations Center. The command for running the rollback file is the same as when the patch is installed. For example: C:\NetIQOperationsCenter\Dashboard>java -jar 5702016-09-22CR993704-R99606-DASH-rollback.jar.

  2. Start the NetIQ Operations Dashboard Server:

    1. Login to the Dashboard and navigate to Admin\Control Panel\Apps\AppManager\Manage.

    2. Search for AC WebServiceConnector Porlet. Click Action > Uninstall.

    3. Similarly, uninstall the Configuration Portlet and the Reporting Portlet from Admin\Control Panel\Apps\AppManager\Manage.

5.0 Known Issues

NetIQ Corporation strives to ensure our products provide quality solutions for your enterprise software needs. The following issues are currently being researched. If you need further assistance with any issue, please contact Technical Support.

  • Manually refresh Internet Explorer 11 after adding a Reporting Center portlet on the dashboard: When you add a Reporting Center portlet in Internet Explorer 11, the portlet will not load unless you manually refresh the Internet Explorer 11 window.

  • All Machine Context data does not appear in the graph for Top N Performance Server and Bottom N Performance Server: For Top N Performance Server and Bottom N Performance Server reports, the data for All Machine Context do not appear on the graph in the Reporting portlet.

  • Reporting-Configuration popup window does not close in Chrome browser: After configuring the Reporting portlet when you try to close the Reporting -Configuration pop up window in the Chrome browser, the pop up window might not close in few scenarios.

    To resolve this issue, refresh the Chrome page.

  • The Reporting portlet might function strangely when added with few Operations Center portlets: The Reporting portlet might function strangely when added on a Dashboard page with the Operations Center portlets like the Charting portlet, the Summary portlet, and the Information portlet.

    It is recommended to add the Reporting portlet on a separate Dashboard page so that its functionality is not affected by these Operations Center portlets.

6.0 Contact Information

Our goal is to provide documentation that meets your needs. If you have suggestions for improvements, please email Documentation-Feedback@netiq.com. We value your input and look forward to hearing from you.

For detailed contact information, see the Support Contact Information website.

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