5.7 Changing the Look and Feel

Themes are used to set the look and feel for a page. To set these options, navigate to the desired page and click Look and Feel. A child page inherits the look and feel of a parent page unless it is specifically changed.

The default Operations Center theme is simple, yet modern with lots of white space. Portlet icons become visible when the cursor is moved over the portlet’s title bar.

The Dashboard comes with a small library of themes and color schemes.

The following sections describe how to change the Dashboard theme as well as install additional themes:

5.7.1 Changing the Dashboard and Page Theme

To set the look and feel (such as theme and color scheme):

  1. From the Dashboard site, click Pages and then select Site Pages.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • To apply the theme change to all pages, click the appropriate tab and then click Look and Feel.

    • To apply the theme change for a specific page, click the page and then click Look and Feel.

  3. Select a theme and, if applicable, a color scheme.

5.7.2 Installing Additional Themes

New themes can be downloaded from the Liferay Marketplace at . Or, if you have a custom theme, you can upload and install it using a .war file.

To install new themes:

  1. Navigate to the site where you want to install the theme, click Pages, and then click Site Pages.

  2. Click the appropriate tab, and then click Look and Feel.

  3. Click Install More.

  4. Click Themes/Site Templates, and then click Install.

  5. Browse for the .war file to install or specify the URL of a theme to install, and then click Install.

  6. Return to the site and click Look and Feel.

    The new theme is available for selection.