3.10 Deploying Portlets to the Dashboard

You can deploy any portlet that adheres to the JSR‑168 standard with Operations Center Dashboard. You can deploy portlets, including new versions of Operations Center portlets, by saving the archive file in a specific Dashboard directory or uploading it using Hot Deploy.

Portlets, layout templates, and themes are deployed by bundling the files into an archive file. A .war file is a standard practice based on Servlet 2.4 specification; see the JSR‑168 specification for more information about web application archives and portlets.

The following sections describe the methods of deploying a portlet:

3.10.1 Deploying a Portlet with an Archive File

Bundle the new or modified portlet into a .war file and save it to the Operations_Center_Dashboard_installation_path/deploy directory.

You can set the directory to deploy new portlets in the Control Panel under Apps > Manage Apps > Install. If portlets do not deploy as expected, verify your settings.

The new portlet is automatically deployed based on the Interval setting. The default is every 10 seconds. However, you can restart the Dashboard server in order to force an immediate update if necessary.

3.10.2 Deploying a Portlet using Hot Deploy

This section describes how to deploy a portlet using Hot Deploy.

To deploy a portlet using hot deploy:

  1. In the Control Panel, click Apps > Manage Apps.

  2. Click Install, and then select File Upload.

  3. Click Browse to locate the .war file to deploy.

  4. Click Install to upload the archive file and deploy the portlet.