3.12 Granting or Denying Access to Portlets

The Dashboard adheres to a JSP standard and is designed to be personalized. It offers many portlet options, including those that leverage Operations Center data as well as other third-party portlets offering various types of functionality. As an administrator, you can grant or restrict access to each portlet.

To restrict the use of a portlet based on user roles:

  1. In the Control Panel, select Apps > Plugins Configuration.

  2. By default, all portlets have the role User, which allows all users access to the portlet. Complete the following actions to restrict or grant access to a portlet:

    • Click the link for the desired portlet.

    • To make the portlet unavailable to all users, deselect Active.

    • To grant access based on specific roles, specify the role names in the area provided. Users assigned to the roles listed can add the portlet to their web pages.

    • Click Save.

While not a best practice, you can configure permissions for a specific instance of a portlet. For more information, see Section 12.2.2, Assigning Individual Permissions to a Portlet.