C.6 Element Tag Library

The Element tag library contains custom tags that can access information and functions within elements in Operations Center. An element is any managed object, such as a router, server, organization, or site.

To reference this custom tags in the Operations Center tag library, add the following code to the top of the JSP file before the <html> tag:

<%@ taglib uri="http://www.managedobjects.com/taglibs/remote/element" prefix="element" %>

The following sections provide an overview of all tags available in the Element tag library:

C.6.1 exists

A parent tag of the other tags in Elements tag library. Other element tags contained within the exists tag use the element specified by the name attribute of the exists tag. Therefore, the child tags do not need to specify a name attribute themselves. This can improve both clarity and performance in the JSP. If an element named in the name attribute is not found, the body of the exists tag is not evaluated. This is shown in the following example:

<element:exists name="root=Elements" id="element">
    The element named <%= element.getName() %> exists!

ElementTagSupport class is the class which supports the element tag library. The methods available on this tag allow you to retrieve:


This method returns the name of the element. The declaration of the method is:

public String getName()


This method returns a String object that describes the state or condition (OK, CRITICAL, MAJOR, and so on) of an element. The declaration of this method is:

public String getCondition()


This method return a total count of alarms for this element. The declaration of the method is:

public int getTotalAlarmCount()


Gives the count of alarms with the specified element condition.

public int getAlarmCount(com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition condition)

Allowed values are:

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.UNKNOWN

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.CRITICAL

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.MAJOR

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.MINOR

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.MINOR

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.INFORMATIONAL

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.OK

  • com.mosol.ORB.Formula.ElementCondition.INITIAL

Alarm Severity Counts

Execute one call to get all the alarm severity counts - return the individual counts in the return array. The declaration of the method is:

public Map<String, Integer> getTotalAlarmCountAndSeverityCount()