2.4 Miscellaneous Services

The API includes additional services that do not fit into any other category, as shown in Table 2-12.

Table 2-12 Miscellaneous Services



getIcon (session:WsSession, iconDescriptor:MosIconDescriptor):MosIcon

Retrieves a single icon.

getIcons (session:WsSession, iconDescriptors:MosIconDescriptor[]):MosIcon[]

Retrieves a list of icons.


Retrieves general server data.

An icon descriptor can be returned with elements and alarms. To retrieve the actual icon image, use one of the icon retrieval services. The icon descriptor includes the name, the file extension for example, .gif) and the size category (WSDL type: MosIconType) of the icon. Returned icons include the descriptor and a byte-stream representation of the image.

The getServerInfo service returns general information about the server, including start time and status, as well as other useful information like the internal names of alarm channels, and algorithms.