1.0 Getting Started

All server components of WSAPI are included in the default installation of the Operations Center Server. For prior releases, check the Download Web site for patch availability.

A license separate from Operations Center is required to activate the WSAPI services. For licensing information, contact Technical Support.

The original version of WSAPI was 1.0. Version 1.1 was released in November 2008. WSAPI 1.1 adds three new service calls, as listed in Table 1-1, designed to facilitate the management of large services models through Web services.

Table 1-1 New WSAPI Service Calls



createElements(session:WsSession, transactionBlockSize:int, data:ElementCreateData[]):ElementsWriteResponse

Creates new elements on the Operations Center Server.

updateElements(session:WsSession, , transactionBlockSize:int, data:ElementUpdateData[]):ElementsWriteResponse

Updates elements on the Operations Center Server.

removeElement(session:WsSession, , transactionBlockSize:int, elementDName:string[]):void

Removes elements from the Operations Center Server.

The Web services reference client has been updated to automatically include the 1.1 service calls when a 1.1 connection point is accessed.

For more information, see Section A.0, WSAPI 1.1.

Review the following sections for how to access WSAPI and to install the reference client: