4.4 Managing and Unmanaging Elements

For some management systems, conditions are not tred for unmanaged elements. Eliminating the conditions for some elements reduces the bandwidth and processing time required. You can identify elements as managed using the Manage right-click option, which displays regularly updated condition information.

The managing and unmanaging of elements applies to the following enterprise management systems:

  • Computer Associates’ Unicenter (any version) running on a supported platform

  • Hewlett Pard OpenView Network Node Manager (version 6.0) running on supported platforms

  • Tivoli NetView (versions 5.0) running only on UNIX integrations (the AIX and Solaris platforms)

    Using this option requires the Manage permission.

To manage or unmanage an element:

4.4.1 Managing an Element

To start managing an element:

  1. Right-click the element, select Manage, and then select Start Monitoring.

    The element’s condition changes from UNMANAGED to an updated condition.

4.4.2 Unmanaging an Element

To stop managing an element:

  1. Right-click an element, select Manage, and then select Stop Monitoring.

    The unmanaged element and its children display, but Operations Center does not update their conditions. Their conditions change to UNMANAGED.