4.2 Viewing Element Properties

Property pages display detailed information about an element: Information displayed and the various pages available depend on the type of element. Administration property pages are found under an Administration folder.

4.2.1 Viewing Element Properties and Property Pages

To view element properties:

  1. Right-click an element in the View pane, then select Properties to open the Status property page.

    Element Status Property Page

    The left pane displays the names of available property pages to display the current property page in the right pane.

    The title displays the element’s short name, condition, and Distinguished Name (DName). Each element has a unique, fully qualified, internal DName, which defines the element’s place in the hierarchy. The DName is read-only, but can be selected and copied to the Clipboard. The DName can be difficult to read, so the element name displays everyplace the DName displays.

  2. Click a page name in the left pane to view the selected property page.

    Administration property pages are under an Administration folder. Click Element Status Property Page next to the property page name to expand the property page list.

    Users with appropriate access rights can edit the Access Control and Automation property pages.

4.2.2 Copying Element Properties

Text-based element property values can be copied to the Clipboard for pasting in other applications:

Copying a Single Text Property

To copy a text property on the page:

  1. Right-click a property, then select Copy to place the text on the Clipboard.

  2. Paste the text in any other application.

Copying All Text Properties

To copy all text properties on the page:

  1. Right-click the right side of the page background, then select Copy All.

    The Copy and Copy All options are also available for text-based alarm properties.