7.0 Introduction to the Service Configuration Manager (SCM)

Operations Center provides the Service Configuration Manager (SCM), which dynamically generates new element hierarchies from multiple sources. It automates Configuration Management Database (CMDB) synchronization to ensure optimal data quality and real time visibility to changes in the IT infrastructure. Customizable end-to-end service views enable users in different roles throughout the organization to assess the risk of change within their IT environment.

Use SCM to generate a CMDB that meets the following critical requirements:

  • Federation: Brings in multiple data sources directly by linking to sources.

  • Reconciliation: Avoids duplicates and enables matching of configuration items from different sources.

  • Synchronization: Identifies changes to the CMDB as they occur, thereby ensuring consistent information across integrated systems.

  • Mapping and visualization: Enables peer-to-peer and hierarchical views of the Configuration Items (CIs).

Review the following sections for an understanding of BCSM: