8.0 Creating a Service Configuration

Use the Service Configuration Manager to create a service configuration definition that generates a new hierarchical view for any service, and applies additional information available from other sources. Service configurations can also be used combine various views.

For example, a service configuration might:

  • Combine two hierarchies from different sources that contain information about the same objects

  • Apply trouble tickets to services

  • Apply business metrics to services

  • Show a hierarchy of correlated objects without state propagation that other service configuration hierarchies can leverage

  • Find objects or services that are not managed

  • Identify affected applications when a network object is down

Generally, the service configuration generates and populates a configuration hierarchy under Services by:

  • Copying objects, data, and the hierarical structure from an adapter.

  • Using Data Integrator definitions to leverage and apply information from management or configuration databases.

The following sections provides step-by-step instructions for creating and maintaining service configuration definitions: