9.3 Viewing Performance and Performance Analysis in the Operations Center Console

The Performance view and the Performance Analysis view in the Operations Center console allow you to create performance charts for a single element. In the Performance Analysis view, chart multiple elements as a means of comparison.

Both the Performance view and the Performance Analysis view have similar functionality. However, in addition to comparing metrics for multiple elements, the Performance Analysis view displays alarm information in a format that is the same as the Alarms view.

When charting SLA metrics, it can take up to several minutes before a refreshed or new chart registers an update, while updates for other property types are received and charted in near-real-time. In this case, the server has not yet recorded update data for Availability and Outage Count properties.

To view performance metrics:

  1. Do one of the following to view Performance metrics:

    1. Select the element in the hierarchy in the Operations Center console, then click the Performance tab along the bottom of the window.

      If you do not wish to compare performance metrics on more than one element, skip to Step 3.

    2. From within the Performance view, click Analyze on the top menu bar to open the Performance Analysis window.

      The properties of the element for which you can create charts on is listed in the Properties dialog box in the bottom left.

  2. If working from the Performance Analysis window, select any additional elements that you wish to chart data for.

    An element name, in bold typeface, indicates active performance profiles are collecting data for that element. Even if an element does not have active performance profiles, you can chart any historical data collected for them.

  3. Select a property, then click Create Chart.

  4. To set the time interval to chart, use the bar at the top of the window.

  5. In a condition chart, such as an Element Condition chart, view the average condition in a pie chart by right-clicking in the condition chart, then selecting Show Average Condition in pie chart.

  6. In a line chart, fill the area between zero and the line for better visual representation by clicking the line chart, then selecting Fill.

  7. Export the data in a specific chart by right-clicking the chart, then selecting Export Performance.

  8. Save your settings in the Performance Analysis view by clicking Save.

For more information about the Performance view, see the Operations Center 5.6 User Guide.