4.1 Determining an Upgrade Strategy

Operations Center allows upgrading one server at a time while continuing to provide access to the Operations Center product.

We advise that you transition to Operations Center 5.0 quickly, within several days to a few weeks. You should not maintain a mixed version environment for an extended period of time.

Table 4-1 describes how you can upgrade to the next version of Operations Center software based on your environment and the number of Operations Center servers.

Table 4-1 Operations Center Upgrade Strategies

Installation Configuration

Upgrade Strategy

Single Operations Center server

Set up a new server, install version 5.x, test it, then switch all users to the new server. Shut down the old server and upgrade it to version 5.x.

Multiple Operations Center servers

Upgrade one server at a time to version 5.x.

If you have custom settings, continue with Section 4.2, Retaining Custom Settings.