5.1 Understanding Trace Logs and Content

The trace logs store error messages according to specified parameters and are located in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/logs directory. Table 5-1 describes the trace log files that are configured during the Operations Center installation process:

Table 5-1 Operations Center Trace Logs

Trace Log


Daemon Trace Log (daemon.trc)

Tracks all activity of the Operations Center daemon service, such as the daemon starting time and its stopping time.

Operations Center server Trace Log (formula.trc)

Tracks all activity of the server such as when the server starts, which components are running on the server, when the server stops, and so on.

Operations Center Event Manager Trace (eve.trc)

Tracks all Event Manager activities such as whether all components of the Event Manager are running, stopped, and so on.

Database Trace Log (database.trc)

Tracks all database activities for the Operations Center databases. Track any error messages generated by the Operations Center database server and the mosdaemon service.

If Operations Center is configured to use an external database and not the Operations Center embedded database (the default) for the Configuration Storage database, the following message displays in the database.trc log: No integrated database servers defined. Event will be persisted to defined external databases. This message is not an error.

Image Server Trace Log (image.trc)

Tracks Image server activities.

For more information, see Section 9.5, Using the Image Server.

Remote Container Server Trace Log ($MOSServerName.trc)

The name of the trace log is the name of the Remote Container server.

Operations Center Service Level Manager (SLM) Log (hyper.trc)

Tracks SLM engine activities. Track any errors generated by the SLM query engine during priming, real-time monitoring, and reporting activities.

For more information on SLM, see the Operations Center 5.6 Service Level Agreement Guide.

Use Notepad or any text editor to view them. For example, if there are problems starting the Operations Center software, view the Operations Center server trace file (/OperationsCenter_install_path/logsformula.trc).