2.0 Updating Server Settings Using the Configuration Manager

Configuration Manager is a utility in Operations Center through which you set configuration settings for the components of Operations Center including the Operations Center server, Web server, Image server, and databases, as well as some other Operations Center applications.

Configuration Manager can be accessed during the installation process or after Operations Center has been installed. For more information about how to install Operations Center, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Installation Guide.

The settings in Configuration Manager are described briefly in this section. Be sure to review the other relevant sections of this guide as well as other guides before changing any settings.

Most configuration settings can be configured by using the Configuration Manager and are stored in the formula.properties file. The formula.properties file should never be edited directly. Custom changes not configurable through the Configuration Manager can be made to the configuration file by using the Formula.custom.properties file, which is never overwritten by the Configuration Manager.

WARNING:Any configuration changes made outside the Configuration Manager might be overwritten the next time the Configuration Manager is run.

After making changes in Configuration Manager, you might want to consider creating backup copies of configuration files in case changes are made that are determined to be unacceptable.

Review the following sections to understand configuration settings and how to update them: