7.0 Dashboard Security

The Operations Center dashboard is a Web-based application that provides Operations Center users with a personalized and portable view into the Operations Center server. It allows for single sign‑on, personalization, and integration of data from both Operations Center and other sources.

The Operations Center dashboard must be purchased and installed separately on the Operations Center server with which it communicates. In addition, there must be an adequate number of Dashboard user licenses purchased for each Operations Center server with which the dashboard communicates.

A separate login screen is used to access the dashboard and dashboard pages. However, user account and user group profiles as well as permissions are leveraged from Operations Center. Because of this, it is important to understand how these accounts are synchronized and configured.

Secure, role-based portal views can be established by setting security permissions on portal pages and portlets within pages, as well as on the data content within each portlet. A complete discussion of security in the dashboard is found in the Operations Center 5.6 Dashboard Guide. This section highlights the security features and potential issues involving dashboard applications.