7.2 Operations Center and Dashboard Interaction

User and group accounts from the Operations Center server are leveraged by the dashboard to give users access to the dashboard portal pages and Operations Center data via the dashboard portlets.

Operations Center and the dashboard use the same user and group accounts. User accounts are organized into groups that exist both in Operations Center and in the dashboard. Because the same user accounts are used by both Operations Center and the dashboard, actions performed on a user account in the dashboard impact the account in Operations Center and vice versa.

In contrast to the above, actions performed on user groups in Operations Center impact the groups in the dashboard, while the reverse is not true. Because of this, groups in the dashboard can be organized into a different structure designed to follow your corporate hierarchy.

Any Admin accounts imported from Operations Center, must be given Dashboard administrative permission from the Dashboard control panel. For example, after the initial synchronization of accounts, you can give the Admin group administrative permissions in the Dashboard.

For more information about interaction and synchronization between the Operations Center server and dashboard, see User Accounts in the Operations Center 5.6 Dashboard Guide.