2.4 Managing User Profiles

Administrators can modify a user profile by performing these functions:

  • Lock: Retains a user’s preferences such as element bookmarks and color settings.

  • Copy: Copies a user’s profile to another user or set of users.

  • Clear: Deletes the user’s profile and the associated user preferences.

To manage user profiles:

2.4.1 Modifying a User Profile

To lock and/or copy a user profile:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Administration root element > Security > Users.

  2. Right-click the user account name and select Properties to open the Status property page.

  3. In the left pane, click Profile to open the Profile property page:

  4. To lock the profile and retain the user preference settings, select Profile Locked, then click Apply.

  5. To copy the profile to one or more other users, do the following:

    1. Click Copy to open the Select Destination dialog box.

    2. Select the target user account for copying the profile.

      Use the Ctrl key to select more than one user account. Use the Shift key to select a group of contiguous user accounts.

  6. Click OK.

    The profile is copied to the selected user accounts.

2.4.2 Deleting a User Profile

To delete a user profile:

  1. Select a user profile in the Profiles property sheet, then click Clear.

  2. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box.