3.1 Installing and Patching Operations Center

The following sections highlight important notes regarding implementing product upgrades, applying patches, and uninstalling products:

For more detailed information on upgrading Operations Center to version 5.0 or applying a version 5.0 patch release, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Installation Guide.

3.1.1 Installing Operations Center

For more information about Operations Center and Operation Center component requirements, see Supported Versions and Hardware Requirements in the Operations Center 5.6 Getting Started Guide.

For specific instructions on installing Operations Center, see Installation Requirements and Operations Center Server Installation in the Operations Center 5.6 Server Installation Guide.

The following sections contain additional information about installing Operations Center:


Operations Center v5.6 requires JRE 7 and has been certified with 1.7.0_60 for the server and the client.

The April 2013 Patch Release for Operations Center version 5.0 was the last release to support JRE 1.6.0_21.

For more information about JRE requirements, see Java Runtime Environment in the Operations Center 5.6 Getting Started Guide.

License File Management

During the installation process of Operations Center, the specified license key is placed in the /OperationsCenter_install_path/config directory. When a new license is issued, it must be manually saved to the same directory.

For existing installations where Managed Objects is installed, or upgraded to Operations Center, the license key is located in the ManagedObjects_install_path/config directory.

3.1.2 Patches for v5.6

NetIQ releases patch bundles to update v5.6. These patch bundles are installed using an automated installation process. For more information on understanding release numbers and installing v5.6 patches, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Installation Guide.

Patch releases versions are included as part of the software version number. You can check for the software version in the following places:

  • On the Operations Center server Web page, usually accessed at http://server_name:port_number.

  • From the About dialog in the Operations Center console. Click Help and select About Operations Center.

  • In the Operations Center formula.trc log file.

  • For CMS, on the CMS login dialog.

  • For the Operations Center Dashboard, in the dashboard.trc log file.

When a user guide requires documentation updates for a patch release, updates are summarized in a Documentation Updates appendix and organized by patch release date.

IMPORTANT:Patch levels for Operations Center, CMS and the Operations Center Dashboard must be updated to the same patch level or the software will not run properly.