3.1 Operations Center Architecture

Figure 3-1 is a simple illustration of the architecture of the Operations Center solution. Different deployment scenarios are explained in the later sections of this guide.

Figure 3-1 General Operations Center Solutions Architecture

The Operations Center server is the main component of the Operations Center solution. Management systems, including both third-party tools and other Operations Center tools, integrate data into Operations Center, and users can perform operations on the management systems from the Operations Center console.

The Operations Center server interacts with three data stores. Other products have embedded databases.

The Dashboard is a Web application, which also functions as a client to the Operations Center server. It allows users to view and manipulate data from the Operations Center server. Even though the dashboard can optionally be installed on the same host machine as the Operations Center server, it is advisable to install on different machines.

Web Services allows third-party applications access to data in the Operations Center server. SQL Views allows read access to data to create reports using a third-party reporting tool.