3.0 Operations Center Tools & Components

Operations Center tools and components must not only work together, but also interact with existing components in your environment. As you read through the description of the components, determine the components that you want to install based on the products that you intend to use for your Operations Center solution and the third-party systems that are needed to support those components.

When installing Operations Center tools and components, there are minimum hardware requirements that must be met and certain version of third-party systems that are supported. Keep in mind that requirements vary, depending on the site, and might be higher because of the size of your organization’s managed infrastructure.

For more information about installation and configuration, see the Operations Center 5.6 Server Installation Guide and the Operations Center 5.6 Server Configuration Guide, respectively. For information on operating systems, databases, and third-party systems for which support is being discontinued, see the Operations Center 5.6 Release Notes.

Review the following sections to understand these components and tools: