2.8 Applying Patches to the Experience Manager Installation

To apply patches for a Experience Manager installation to the Experience Manager Monitor or Recorder, as directed by Support:

2.8.1 Applying Experience Manager Patches

In a default configuration, patches are applied to the monitor directly.

To apply an Experience Manager patch:

  1. Stop Experience Manager.

  2. Copy the patch file to the Experience Manager installation directory.

  3. Issue the following command:

    java -jar filename

  4. Start Experience Manager.

2.8.2 Using Central Patch Distribution

A central patch distribution facility is also available where patches are installed on the Operations Center server and the Experience Manager daemon checks for updates and automatically applies them.

When updates are detected, they are download and cached locally. If the monitor is running, the daemon stops the monitor, apply the updates and restarts it. The daemon will wait for the recorder to exit normally before applying the updates.

Using this configuration, patches that normally would be applied to the monitor directly, can be applied to the Operations Center server indicated as the update location and they are distributed as described above. The options for central patch distribution are configured in Daemon.properties file.

To apply a patch using central patch distribution:

  1. Do the following to prepare for central patch distribution:

    1. Open the Daemon.properties file:

    2. Edit the following line to indicate where the daemon is to look for updates:

      # Root URL of location from which Experience Manager updates can be loaded. Leave blank if updates are only applied locally. Note the final / slash is important!


    3. Edit the following line to set how often, in minutes, the daemon looks for updates:

      # frequency (in minutes) with which polling for updates should be done.BEM.update.poll.interval=1

  2. Copy the patch into the Operations Center installation directory on the Operations Center server.

    There is no need to stop Experience Manager or the Operations Center server when applying patches in this method.

For information regarding restarting the Experience Manager Monitor, see Section 4.5, Stopping, Starting, and Recycling Experience Manager Monitors.