9.4 Starting and Stopping the Alarm Server

The Alarm server starts automatically when the Event Manager Configuration Server starts, but it is also possible to manually start and stop the server.

The Event Manager components are not necessarily interdependent. This means that stopping the Alarm server does not automatically stop the adapter, the Agent Container or the Configuration.

9.4.1 Shutting Down Everything for the Event Manager

9.4.2 Starting or Stopping the Alarm Server

To start or stop the alarm server:

  1. In the Explorer pane, expand the Administration root element > Adapters > the Event Manager adapter > Configurations > a configuration profile for the adapter.

  2. Right-click Server, then select Start Alarm Server or Stop Alarm Server.

    If the Alarm server is running, the Start Alarm Server option is dimmed, and if the server is not running the Stop Alarm Server option is dimmed.