2.1 Understanding Adapters in Data Integrator

After deploying the adapter definition, you can create and start an adapter instance. A new branch of the Elements hierarchy displays, representing the data from the relational database. This new hierarchy consists of folders, elements, and alarm data.

Adapter definitions display in the Explorer pane under Administration > Adapters > Data Integrator. They are not available as Operations Center adapters until they are deployed.

Figure 2-1 illustrates adapter definitions displaying under the Data Integrator element:

Figure 2-1 Explorer Pane

The condition of an adapter definition alerts you to adverse changes. Table 2-1 identifies the possible conditions of an adapter definition:

Table 2-1 Adapter Definition Conditions




The adapter definition is orphaned. The edit session abruptly ended without a proper save performed.


The adapter definition is currently deployed.


The adapter definition is currently being edited by a user.


The adapter definition is in an OK state. It is not deployed or opened by an editor.

The title bar also displays basic information about a selected adapter definition, including:

  • Whether an edit session is open for the definition and the name of the user who is editing it

  • Whether the definition is deployed as an adapter

  • The number of additional users viewing the definition in a read-only state

For example, in Figure 2-2 an Admin user is editing the Support Issues definition:

Figure 2-2 Explorer Pane and View Title Bar

No additional users are viewing the definition and there are no current deployments.

You can select an adapter definition element in the Explorer pane to view information in the title bar.