12.1 Encrypting the Dashboard Database Password

Database credentials are set in the portal-ext.custom.properties file, but the password can be encrypted to further secure your implementation.

To encrypt the database password:

  1. To generate the encrypted password, run one of the following scripts:

    • Windows: /OperationsCenter_Dashboard_install_path/bin/encrypt.bat

    • UNIX: /OperationsCenter_Dashboard_install_path/bin/encrypt.sh

  2. Copy and paste the encrypted password into the /OperationsCenter_Dashboard_install_path/server/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/portal-ext.custom.properties file for the active database configuration.

    If the database properties have not previously been added to the portal-ext.custom.properties, copy and paste the associated lines from the portal-ext.properties file in the same directory. Do not modify the portal-ext.properties file, as you might overwrite software upgrades that are already running.

    Note that the copied encrypted password should begin with X-TEAV and must not contain any passwords on the end.

  3. Restart the Dashboard.

    For more information about starting and stopping the Dashboard, see Section 2.3, Starting and Stopping the Dashboard.