7.3 Configuring Home and Starting Elements

The home element (starting element) for each user is set within the user or group account settings in the Operations Center console. The home element is used to populate element-based Service Management portlets if a starting element has not been defined for that portlet.

NOTE:The SLA reporting, Performance, and Chart Builder portlets require configuration steps, beyond setting a Home or Starting element, in order to display data.

Starting elements can be changed “on the fly” for most portlets when Navigation Mode, or drive functionality, is configured. For more information, see Section 7.4, Using Navigation Mode to Drive Multiple Portlets.

7.3.1 Changing the User’s Default Home Element

The Home setting is found on the user’s or group’s property page in the Operations Center console. By default, all users start with the Enterprise element. The elements that a user can view depend on the user’s permissions in Operations Center.

To set a user’s or group’s default starting element:

  1. From the Operations Center console, in the Explorer pane, expand Enterprise > Administration > Security > Users (or Groups).

  2. Right-click the user or group, then click Properties.

  3. Select the User (or Group) property page.

    The Home field shows the default starting element.

  4. To select a new starting element click Browse.

    Consider the user’s or group’s permissions for specific elements in the hierarchy when selecting the new starting element.

7.3.2 Configuring Starting Elements for Portlets

By default, portlets use the user’s home element as their starting element.

To change the starting element for a portlet:

  1. Click Options and select Preferences.

  2. Click the Elements tab.

  3. Do one of the following:

    • Use the Search tab to search for elements. The search is by name and allows for the use of wildcards (*).

    • Use the Navigate tab to select an element from the hierarchy by clicking + and – to expand and contract the list.