6.0 Adding Content to a Page Using Portlets

Any dashboard page can be customized by changing the layout, selecting themes for the “look and feel”, adding content via portlets, and adding navigation or other functionality to the page. These changes are saved between sessions. The various actions that a user can take depend on the permissions assigned. For more information about permissions, see Section 3.12, Granting or Denying Access to Portlets.

Because some portlets rely on receiving information from other sources on the Internet, such as the RSS portlets, users must have Internet access in order for them to work properly.

Content from other sources can be added to the Dashboard using portlets. The Dashboard leverages portlets that are JSR‑168 compliant and any third-party portlets built with this standard can be deployed in the Dashboard. For more information, see Section 3.10, Deploying Portlets to the Dashboard.

The following sections list the various portlets or web applications that are available; and describe how to add them, share them as well as add various other features to a page: