7.6 Configuring URL Linking for the Layout Portlet

Clicking an element in the Layout portlet can open a Web page using a fully qualified URL, instead of the expected behavior of drilling into the element’s hierarchy.

URL linking requires the definition of a custom layoutFollowURL property for these elements in the Operations Center console. Instead of manually creating and defining this property on each individual element, use Metamodel Property Pages to create the new property, then dynamically associate the property page with elements through behavior models via class, or directly to behavior models using match expressions.

To configure navigation to a URL from a Layout portlet element:

  1. Decide how you will propagate the new property via Administration > Metamodel features. Metamodel classes, behavior models and property pages are defined in the Operations Center console.

    Choose one of the following:

    • Attach a new property page to a new (or existing) Behavior Model that uses matching rules for selecting elements.

    • Attach a new property page to a new (or existing) Behavior Model that is attached to a Class which can be assigned to elements.

    For information about Service Model classes, behavior models and property pages, see Defining Classes, Behavior Models, and Property Pages in the Operations Center 5.6 Service Modeling Guide.

  2. When creating the new layoutFollowURL property for the desired Property Page, do the following:

    1. Click the Create a Property icon and name the property layoutFollowURL.

      The property must be named layoutFollowURL for this feature to function correctly.

      Add Property Dialog
    2. Specify a fully qualified URL as desired.

      In the illustration example above, we’ve defined a computed field property that uses a script expression to append the URL with the element name.

  3. In the Dashboard Layout portlet, click the element to open the URL.