7.6 Reviewing Flags for Your Communities

As a community owner, you receive notifications in your Inbox that allow you to easily see what flags have been added or edited for CIs in your community.

Figure 7-3 illustrates Flag summary notifications displaying in your Inbox when you are a community owner:

Figure 7-3 Inbox

The View link next to an item opens a list of all recent flags for that community. This feature is only available for community owners.

Figure 7-4 illustrates Flagged Configuration Items showing a list of flags and comments made for community CIs:

Figure 7-4 Flagged Configuration Items

To view Flags and Comments made in a community:

  1. In your Inbox, locate an item belonging to the desired community or, switch the Summary page to view only the desired community.

  2. Click View next to the flag summary notification to open the Flagged Configuration Items dialog box.

  3. To view CI details for the associated CI, click the CI name link in the CI column.

  4. To remove the flag or comment from this view (this does not delete the flag or comment from the CI), click Clear next to the flag or comment, then click click Yes when the warning message displays:

  5. To reject the flag or comment, click Reject next to the flag or comment, then click Yes when the warning message displays:

    The Edit Flag Details dialog displays:

  6. Do any of the following:

    • Add or edit the flag or comment description.

      Typing over the existing text removes it from the flag or comment.

    • Click Reject to reject the flag or comment.

      The flag or comment creator can resubmit the flag or comment, if desired.