4.6 Setting Preferences

Overall preferences can be set to determine the features included in your Summary pages, information included in your events feeds, default behavior for the pinboard, and the communities to show in your Communities list (left sidebar).

Figure 4-2 illustrates setting preferences for the Summary page features and event notifications:

Figure 4-2 mySettings Summary Page

Options in the I want to see section of mySettings let you select the panels or functionality that are available in your CMS desktop and Summary pages. Options in the I want to know about allow you to customize the type of notifications you’ll see in events feeds.

To set your preferences:

  1. From the Actions menu, select Settings to open the mySettings dialog box.

  2. From the I want to see section, to select the desired options to turn various features on/off:

    • Select any of check boxes to display the desired features on your Summary pages or desktop.

    • From the Run Report on Login drop-down, select a report to add it to the bottom your Home’s Summary page.

      The report is added on your next login.

    • From the Show in My Communities section, select the check boxes for the communities that you want to have a community icon for in the left navigation of your pages.

  3. From the I want to know about section, select any desired check boxes to customize the notifications you receive in your events feeds.

  4. Click Save to update your preferences.