4.1 Logging On to CMS

CMS is a Web application accessible through a Web browser.

4.1.1 Accessing CMS

  1. Obtain the Web address for the CMS installation from your Operations Center administrator.

  2. Specify the Web address in your Web browser to open the CMS login page:

  3. Enter your login credentials in the User Name and Password fields.

  4. Click Login.

    The Home page displays on successful authentication.

4.1.2 Changing Your Password and Contact Information

With CMS you have the ability to set your own password and update your contact settings. When you first log in to CMS, you can change your password or verify your contact information is correct.

To change your password or update your contact information:

  1. Click Actions, then select Settings to open the mySettings dialog box.

  2. Click User Settings to open the User Settings dialog box:

  3. Verify your contact information.

    Make any necessary changes and/or update your password.

  4. Click OK to save your changes.