6.5 Extracting the Reports from the Collector Packs

Collector Pack contains the event source setup instructions, associated scripts, utilities, and the Sentinel Log Manager reports specific to the data of the associated collector. The Collector Pack Extractor utility allows you to extract the collector pack contents. You can use the instructions and scripts to configure the associated event sources. The reports that are extracted from the new collector can be uploaded to the Sentinel Log Manager. These collector packs are available on the Sentinel Content Web site.

To extract the reports from the collector packs:

  1. Copy all the Collector Packs from which you want to extract the Event Source Setup instructions, associated scripts and utilities, and Sentinel Log Manager reports to a temporary directory.

  2. Download the Collector Pack Extractor from the Sentinel Content Web site that is available under the Utilities tab.

  3. Copy the cpextractor.jar file to the same directory.

  4. Execute the jar by using either of the following steps:

    • On Windows: Double click the jar (if the java environment is properly configured)

    • On Linux: Run the command java -jar cpextractor.jar.

  5. For each Collector Pack a new directory is created with the same base name of the collector. The newly created directory contains:

    • jasperreports: This is a sub directory that contains all the extracted Sentinel Log Manager reports.

    • instructions.txt: (Optional) This is a text file that contains the required instructions to configure event source.

    This directory can also contain additional files that are required for event source configuration.

  6. To proceed with event source configuration, follow the instructions provided in Section 4.3.1, Launching Event Source Management.

  7. If any additional steps are needed for event source configuration, follow the steps given in the instructions.txt file. Otherwise, to add a report, see Adding the Report Definitions.