9.1 License Categories

The following sections describe the each type of licenses:

9.1.1 Application Licenses

Licenses are generated based on the plug-in type, vendor, and device name.

For example, the Collector.Novell.eDirectory license allows Sentinel Log Manager to collect events only from the eDirectory application, where Collector is the plug-in type, Novell is the Vendor, and eDirectory™ is the device name.

You can also create a more generalized license such as Collector.Novell, which allows Sentinel Log Manager to collect events from all applications with the Vendor name Novell.

If you configure and start the Collector without any license, the Collector shows a red cross and the Collector is not licensed to run message is displayed in the status details of the Event Source Management interface.

9.1.2 EPS Licenses

Licenses are also generated based on EPS (events per second). The incoming EPS is checked against the licensed EPS installed on Sentinel Log Manager. If the incoming EPS exceeds the licensed EPS value, then an audit event and a log message are generated. The log message is logged in the server log file. The Sentinel Log Manager continues with the events collection.